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Since 1995 Borgo del Gusto offers a wide range of the best traditional Italian foods and products.

Our passion and work ethics is centered around the promotion, the discovery and the rediscovery of Italian food and wine traditions: every single product is carefully selected to help you bring all the authenticity of Italian cuisine on your table.

Olive oil


From an ancient tree such as the olive flows a nectar, a true alchemy of sounds and flavors that will embrace every dish, exalting its every nuance. Fluidity and a potent fragrance accompany a beautiful nuance that ranges from golden yellow to green: a symbol of Italian cuisine worldwide and intense genuineness.

Extra virgin olive oil


Extra virgin oil is the quintessential Italian condiment, both in its raw and cooked forms. EVO oil is preferrable to butter even on the pan as it contains unsaturated fats (such as oleic and linoleic acids) that are easily digestible. Our selection of olive oil contains products from the regions of Apulia, Umbria, Lombardy, and Sicily to satisfy every palate and offer the best authentic flavors in one simple click.

Flavored olive oil


A skillful blend of selected olive oil and fresh ingredients is the perfect recipe for our flavored oil: use it to enhance the flavor of any dish. You can choose between numerous spices, herbs and ingredients like basil, lemon and chili peppers and pick the right condiment to enrich your meals. In our online shop you can purchase flavored EVO oil 100% Made in Italy and satisfy every palate and recipe.

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Red wine


Red wine encroaches, in its infinite facets and nuances, the history of mankind and its relationship with mother earth. Every bottle of red wine contains a whole universe of legends, customs, philosophies, and men that have been working the earth for centuries, molding its fruits to enhance their quality and flavors. Whether you are searching for a wine to celebrate a special occasion or a simple, rustic wine that pairs well with everyday meals, Borgo del Gusto has the right brand and bottles for you!

White wine


An ample and highly curated selection of white dry wines and sparkling wines is at your disposal in our online winery: we only sell premium quality products that will enchant you and satisfy even the most exigent palates. Earthy, dry, and fruity wines will envelop the dishes and flavors of Italian cuisine, perfectly matching and enhancing their flavors. Find out more about the Italian and French wines currently available and gift yourself a small piece of enchanted Italian land!

Sparkling wines


Spumante and sparkling wine are a fan favorite of all wine lovers for their complexity and the endless allure of perlage: it is an extremely rich and varied landscape of nuances, flavors, and smells. The online wine shop of your dreams is now open: from the most innovative spumante bottles to the more traditional and artisanal productions. Discover all the brands and create new, exciting combinations: you can also take advantage of our sale services and shipping in all the country.

Straw wines


We stock our online winery with a lovely selection of straw wines, characterized by a high sweet and fortified component: their complexity and the charm of the nose will conquer your palate. Wines such as Vin Santo and Zibibbo will take you on an enchanting journey through Italian wine tradition and its wonderful landscapes. Find out more about our straw wines in our online winery and let yourself be amazed.

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